Bound-and-gagged Porn Videos

"Bound and gagged" is a common porn video tag that refers to a specific type of BDSM scene. In such scenes, one or more participants are physically restrained (bound) and unable to communicate verbally (gagged). This often involves the use of ropes, cuffs, or other types of restraints on the body, along with a gag in their mouth, like a ball-gag or a cleave gag. The purpose of this is often for the dominant partner to have complete control over the submissive partner, and for the submissive partner to experience intense sensations of powerlessness and vulnerability. These scenes can involve various forms of stimulation or punishment depending on the fantasies and desires of those involved. It's important to note that "bound and gagged" is a role-playing scenario and should not be confused with actual abuse, violence, or non-consensual acts.