Chastity-cage Porn Videos

Chastity cage, also known as a "chastity belt," is a sex toy or device used mainly by men but can also be for women. It is designed to restrict sexual access and encourage self-control, abstinence or monogamy. The cage is a closed metal frame that secures around the genitals, preventing erections and any sexual activity. In BDSM dynamics, it may be used as a form of control or discipline. In a chastity play context, the wearer of the cage is often referred to as being "in chastity" or "locked up," while their partner who holds the key might be called the "keyholder." The act of unlocking and allowing sexual activity is sometimes referred to as "being released from chastity." In some cases, a chastity cage can also refer to a similar device for women, which secures around the vulva area. This tag refers to a specific type of porn video where one or more individuals engage in sexual activities while wearing such a device. It's often associated with elements of dominance and submission as well as tease and