Candle Porn Videos

"Candle" in the context of a porn video tag refers to a scene or act that involves the use of a candle, usually for its wax and/or light. Candles have been used as sexual props in various ways: 1. Wax play: In this practice, hot wax is poured onto the skin, often the sensitive areas like nipples, inner thighs, or buttocks. The sensation can be pleasurable, providing a warm and sensual experience, but it can also be painful when the wax is very hot or if the area is particularly sensitive. 2. Lighting: A candle may be used to set the mood in a room by creating a soft, dimly lit atmosphere conducive for intimacy and relaxation. This can enhance the overall sensory experience of sex. 3. Wax dripping: The melting wax from a candle can be allowed to drip onto the body, either directly or through a funnel, creating a sensation similar to raindrops. This can be done as part of a sensual massage or during foreplay. 4. Candle-based fetishes: Some individuals may have a fetish for candles or specific candle-relat