Alhena Porn Videos

"Alhena" is a term used in porn videos and refers to a type of BDSM play. It originates from the Arabic word for "the Gaze," which represents the Alnilam star in Orion's belt. In the context of BDSM, it typically means a form of sensation play that involves using clothespins or similar objects to pinch and tug at the skin, usually on sensitive areas like nipples, earlobes, or other parts of the body. This practice is often used in a dominant/submissive context where one partner is in control of administering the sensation while the other experiences it. The sensations can be both pleasurable and painful depending on how hard and for how long the clothespins are applied, making this activity popular among those who enjoy exploring the boundaries of pain and pleasure. The term "Alhena" is used to describe this specific form of sensation play, differentiating it from other forms of BDSM or kink activities. Remember that BDSM practices should always be engaged in with the full consent and safety precautions t